On Our Own

It took a little longer than we thought, but finally it is here, our first album!
Laura and Wolfgang are very excited that after more than 2 years our album is finally finished and available at all major digital distributors:

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Amazon: also available on local instances, e.g. Amazon Germany Amazon Japan Amazon Great Britain

Our songs:


  1. A Smile (Ukulele solo version)
  2. Where Do We Go
  3. Run From Home
  4. Tell Me
  5. The Autumn Song
  6. The Farmer
  7. I’m All In It
  8. Julia Said
  9. Come Back To Me
  10. One Day
  11. Ooh Love
  12. I Love Your Hair
  13. No-Blues Blues
  14. Sister, My Sweet Angel
  15. When The Time Has Come (Ukulele solo version)

Written by
Laura “Kale’a” Garinger & Wolfgang “WS64” Schneider

Laura: The voice
Wolfgang: The rest

Here’s a preview of our songs:

What our listeners say: 

FWIW: “First listen” impressions for “On Our Own” – the new album from La Wolf. 

Fifteen original songs in which I hear influences from the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Django Reinhardt/Chet Atkins, jazz & scat, big-band swing, pop, country & a nod to Brazilian Samba – with a breath of fresh air wafting over everything. These are songs that tell stories, show some humor, weave little fantasies and satisfy on a number of levels.

Through the first 12 songs, I thought I had this album all figured out… and then came the uptown, but swinging “No-Blues Blues” on cut 13: more great lyrics and another terrific little story, featuring fantastic vocal & instrumental performances. I’m a happy camper….😎

This album is chock FULL of beautiful world-class vocals, amazing & lush harmonies, virtuoso instrumental performances and vibrant, swinging arrangements. “On Our Own” is a wonderful & happy listening experience that I recommend without reservation!

SurlyMac on Youtube
This is such a wonderful collection of original music – a beautiful example of ukulele music and top notch vocal performance! Give this to your special someone as a gift – curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate this Christmas and take a listen. Or, this summer, pina colada on the beach, and this gem plugged in on your device.. ahhh. Heaven! 

joaniev on Amazon (Verified Purchase) 


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